Soulshine Enterprises - ...Because Every Soul Deserves to Shine
Emily Karlevics-Baker
Healing Touch
Energy Healing
Emily unwaveringly believes that ... Every Soul Deserves to Shine … and through her clinical practice in Reiki, Healing Touch, and Energy Healing she supports the individual in rebalancing towards “wholeness”.
Emily is an experienced Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer with a strong background in meditation, environmentalism, art, and esoteric and scientific study. Her vast and varied background, from ‘life experience’, study, and knowledge, allows for a deep sensitivity, empathy and compassion in her practice - well beyond her years.
Reiki, Energy Healing, and Healing Touch are all physically non-invasive energy based modalities, in which the client remains fully clothed, and a session may be conducted without having to touch the body. These are all safe and natural modalities used to balance a person’s own natural energy and promote self-healing.
Emily enjoys working holistically in conjunction with, but not limited too: other Natural Therapists (Homopaths, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapists ...); Allied Health Professionals (Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors ...) and Medical Health Care Professionals.
Energy healing modalities can work effectively as a complimentary therapy in conjunction with another, or as a stand alone therapy, for a gentle rebalancing of a person’s own natural energy system. Emily’s depth and strength in practice allows for her to support clients struggling with deep-seated blocks, and can work in conjunction with other therapies they maybe accessing in support of their journey towards “wholeness”.
Soulshine Enterprises was Nominated for the
2009 City of Sydney Business Awards. It was a great honour and trill to be nominated and Thank You for all Your votes of support.
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